After the dog, now the cat … Indian student is returning from Ukraine with his pet

War is raging between Ukraine and Russia. Many Indians are still trapped in the war and the Indian government is trying to rescue them. In the meantime, all the strange things are coming to the fore. In fact, a student from Kerala trapped in war-torn Ukraine fought to return with his pet cat and would eventually land in India with his cat.

Akhil Radhakrishnan, 21, had a two-pronged challenge, the first being to bring him back to his homeland from war-torn Ukraine and the second was to bring him back safely with his pet cat. Please be informed that Radhakrishnan has been studying at Kharkiv National Medical University for the last two years.

Their pet cat is named Ammini, who was handed over to his senior Akhil in college four months ago and the two have been together ever since. Akhil breathed a sigh of relief and said, “She is very sweet and I cannot be separated from her and I am glad that the Indian Embassy in Ukraine is now allowing me to take her with me.”

Akhil Radhakrishnan, now 21, arrived in Budapest, Hungary from Ukraine. They are now returning to India. The special thing is that they are coming to India with their cat ‘Ammini’, which makes them happy.

The last two weeks have been very difficult for this young student trying to get to Budapest safely. Akhil said, “I got on a train to Kiev by car. Then, I caught a bus to get to Chop. With two more trains I was able to reach Budapest.”


Akhil said the journey by train was certainly not easy. We were sitting in front of the bathroom and I had only an inch of space to travel, but the most important thing was to get there safely. ”

Although this is not the first time, Rishabh Kaushik of Dun has arrived home on Friday with his pet dog ‘Malibu’. In a very bad situation in Ukraine, Rishabh refused to return to India without his dog. Then he came to the discussion all over the world. Rishabh Kharkiv, a resident of Kisannagar, was a third-year software engineering student at the National University of Radio Electronics.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that a large number of Indians had left Ukraine. The embassy will try to contact those who are still behind. The ministry said there was nothing left but Sumi and some areas. Almost all Indians have left Kharkiv.

Speaking at a press conference, Foreign Ministry spokesman Bagchi said 15 flights had arrived in India in the last 24 hours, of which about 2,900 Indians had been evacuated. So far 63 flights have reached India with about 13,300 Indians under Operation Ganga. There are 13 more flights scheduled for the next 24 hours.

He said that now we will see how many more Indians there are in Ukraine. The embassy will contact people who may be there but have not yet registered.


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