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You will not be able to travel from India to UAE without PCR test, will have to reach the airport six hours before


UAE New Travel Guidelines: The United Arab Emirates issued new guidelines on Tuesday. It is extremely important for those traveling from India to UAE to stay updated with the new rules.


  • UAE issued new travel guideline for six countries including India, Pakistan
  • Airport will have to reach six hours before the scheduled flight time for rapid test
  • UAE and Indian passengers traveling in large numbers on the route after the commencement of flights

Abu Dhabi
The government of the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday issued new guidelines for travelers entering the country. As per the new rules, travelers from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Nepal will have to undergo a PCR test to travel to the UAE. This rule has come into effect from today. The UAE has asked passengers to come to the airport six hours before the scheduled flight time to undergo a PCR rapid test. The UAE announced on 3 August that it would allow resident visa holders currently in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria and Uganda to return to the country from 5 August.

Passengers used to reach four hours earlier
Earlier, passengers were asked to reach the airport four hours ahead of time. In the notification issued by the UAE government, all airlines have been appealed to follow the new guidelines. According to a report in The News, Islamabad International Airport has started the rapid PCR test for passengers wishing to travel to the UAE on Tuesday. The report said that Islamabad International Airport is taking cooperation from Pramanik Labs for the convenience of passengers.

Increasing number of passengers
Since the introduction of flights between India and the United Arab Emirates, the number of passengers has been increasing continuously. On the one hand, UAE residents and workers stranded in India want to return to their homes and work, while Indians living in UAE for a long time want to come to their homes by the first flight. There are also a large number of migrants who wanted to celebrate the summer holidays in India. He had postponed his trip due to uncertainties about flights.

Tickets became expensive due to increase in crowd
A spokesperson for Bai-based Utravel said they have been getting calls from several people. The passengers asked him if he could return to his home after taking the Indian vaccine. He said that good traffic is being seen on this route and there are frequent requests from people for booking tickets. The flights are fully booked and the ticket prices are also very high. He said that the immediate effect of traffic is being seen on ticket prices.


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