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UAE: Travel of Indians unaware of these 10 rules of UAE can be difficult, must read


UAE Travel Guidelines: Due to Corona, travelers going from India to UAE have to be updated with new rules everyday. In such a situation, here you can see the list of recently issued rules.


  • Know the new rules of UAE travel
  • Residents returning to UAE from India
  • Rules updating everyday

Abu Dhabi
UAE residents and workers stranded in India are returning after the start of flights from the United Arab Emirates. The government and airlines are constantly updating the guidelines to take care of Corona related precautions. Its objective is to ensure the convenience and safety of passengers. The United Arab Emirates’ National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority on Tuesday announced new rules for travelers who want to fly to the UAE.

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Register Vaccination Certificate
The authority said that people who have received UAE-approved corona vaccines abroad can register their information and vaccination certificate. New rules are being made and changed every day. In such a situation, it is very important for travelers going from India to UAE to be aware of the new rules. Here you can read the new UAE travel rules:

1. Passengers traveling from India to UAE will have to register on the ICA app or website. People planning to travel will have to enter their personal and passport information. Apart from this, they will have to attach UAE residency address, vaccine information and certificate.

2. Registration for the Yatra will start from August 15.

3. Passengers are advised to register their information on ICA UAE Smart or by visiting the website to ensure safe transit.

4. Registering a vaccination certificate is optional for travelers who wish to take advantage of the facilities available to people who have been vaccinated in the UAE.


5. Only certificates of vaccines approved in the UAE will be valid. Accredited certificates will appear on the AlHosn app.

6. The AlHosn app has been updated with new features. This app displays the ‘Green Pass Protocol’ status of the users which is based on PCR test result and vaccination status.

7. The app has three colors – green, gray and red. Green color means that the negative PCR test result is still valid. Gray means it has expired. Wherein red means the test result is positive.

8. Travelers stranded abroad, who are Dubai visa holders, can now fly to Abu Dhabi on Etihad Airways. The airline has given this information after an update in which it was said that passengers will have to land only in the emirate of their residency.

9. Those traveling to Dubai from other countries including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal will no longer require a COVID-19 vaccination certificate. This rule will be applicable only for travel to Dubai and not to other emirates of UAE.

10. Dubai International Airport officials issued new rules on Tuesday, saying that only holders of golden visas will be allowed to enter Dubai. Other passengers will have to take permission from Dubai authorities for entry. These rules will apply to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.


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