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UAE gives ‘visa gift’ to Indians, dream of job abroad will now come true


Green Visa: There is a good news for Indians who want to go to UAE and do jobs. For this, they will have to take a ‘Green Visa’ which allows migrants without any sponsor to work in the UAE.


  • Indians willing to work in UAE will get big benefits
  • UAE launches new type of ‘Green Visa’, now it is easier for expatriates to work
  • Government’s decision will promote development, there is a big contribution of foreigners in the economy

Abu Dhabi
There is good news for Indians who want to work in UAE. On Sunday, the UAE launched a new type of visa. This is being called a ‘green visa’ and will allow expatriates to apply for work in the UAE without sponsoring from an employer. This information has been given in a report by the new agency Bloomberg. Along with the migrant worker, his family will also come under the purview of this visa.

The country’s development will get a boost
According to reports, this step has been taken to target investors and highly skilled workers as well as students and graduates. On the permit of a green visa holder, his parents and children up to the age of 25 will also be able to travel to the UAE. It is being claimed that these steps are being taken to attract talent and promote the development of the country.

Major contribution of foreigners to the economy
The UAE government will allow people who have lost their jobs to stay in the UAE for 6 months which is an incentive as most visas are related to employment. With this, temporary workers above the age of 15 years will be hired and the slowdown in the job market will be overcome. Foreign residents make up 80 per cent of the UAE’s population and have been contributing to the country’s economy for the past few decades.


Tourists reaching UAE for holidays
Foreign nationals work in the private sector and contribute to the country’s economy by buying property in the UAE or shopping at some of the largest malls in the world. The UAE authorities had announced the reintroduction of tourist visas to all vaccinated tourists from 30 August. A large number of people are traveling to UAE for holidays. There has been an astonishing increase in the number of applicants and airfares for travel from India to UAE air routes.

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