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UAE: ‘Freedom’ from the mask after 18 months, know the rules, otherwise you will have to pay ₹ 60 thousand


Mask Rules in UAE: The UAE Health Department announced on Tuesday that at least one dose of Kovid has been given to the highest number of people in the UAE in the whole world. The UAE tops the new rankings regarding vaccination.

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Vaccination statistics in the United Arab Emirates are among the best in the world. The country ranks first in terms of single dose. On Wednesday, after a long time in the country, relief was given in the mask rules. Masks are the most basic protection against corona. After nearly 18 months, the UAE is now relieved of masks. However, wearing a mask will not be mandatory only in some places. But it is a sign that the country is now returning to the old days.

Where will you get exemption from masks?
Officials have identified six public places where wearing masks will be exempted. Wearing a mask will no longer be mandatory when exercising in public places, traveling in private vehicles, swimming pools and sea shores, being alone in closed spaces, at salons and beauty centers and at medical centres. Bear in mind that wearing a mask is still mandatory in all other public places in the UAE.
UAE Freedom from the mask after 18 months know theWant to send money home from UAE to India? Golden opportunity is coming, know when you will get benefit
Fines will be imposed for breaking the rules
Fines will have to be paid for not wearing masks in these places. Last month, the authorities released an updated list of fines for violation of rules. According to which, for violation of the rules related to masks, a fine of more than 3000 dirhams i.e. 60 thousand rupees will have to be paid. Apart from this, people will also have to follow social distancing of at least two meters. The rule of social distancing will also apply in those places where wearing of masks is exempted.


Returning to the old days in UAE
The number of corona cases in the UAE is continuously decreasing and the country’s vaccination graph is climbing up. This is the reason why relaxation is being done in some places. So far, about 92 percent of the people have been given a single dose of the vaccine. At the same time, 81 percent people have been completely vaccinated. Last month, the capacity of shopping malls, cinemas and restaurants was increased by 80 per cent.


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