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UAE became the country with the highest vaccine in the world, more than 80 percent received both doses


Vaccination in UAE: A spokesperson for the country’s health department says that vaccination is an important contributor to defeating the epidemic. With the help of the vaccine, it can contribute to reducing the number of patients in the hospital.

Abu Dhabi
The war against corona virus is going on all over the world. Vaccine is our main weapon in this fight. The United Arab Emirates is at the forefront of the world in terms of vaccination. The UAE Department of Health announced on Tuesday that most people in the UAE have been given at least one dose of the Kovid vaccine in the world. The UAE tops the new rankings regarding vaccination.

Portugal ahead of UAE in vaccination
Dr Farida Al Hosani, the official spokesperson of the UAE’s Department of Health, said, citing the Our World in Data website, that 91 percent of the country’s population has currently been given a single dose of the Kovid vaccine. At least 80.38 of the population has received both doses of the vaccine, giving the UAE second place in the rankings. In this case, Portugal is currently leading the UAE, where 81.82 percent of the people have been fully vaccinated.
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Huge drop in corona cases
According to statistics, the UAE comes third in the world in the number of corona virus tests done per 1000 people. Dr Hosani said that this figure of investigation is from the beginning of the epidemic till 12 September. He said that the number of Kovid-19 cases in the United Arab Emirates has decreased by 60 percent compared to August 2020. The lowest percentage of the number of infections has been recorded in a year.


Defeated Corona on the basis of vaccination
The spokesman said the UAE’s success in the fight against the pandemic was attributed to a strong vaccination campaign and people’s adherence to safety standards. He said that with the help of vaccine, we can reduce the complexity of the disease, the number of patients in hospitals and dependence on ventilators. The UAE is opening its doors to travelers coming from other countries as the situation returns to normal after the corona cases are reduced.


UAE tops in vaccination

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