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Travelers who have been vaccinated in UAE-India are in trouble, vaccination is not recognized in Britain


Vaccination in UAE: The UK government is under increasing pressure to review the rules regarding its Kovid-19 vaccine for travelers coming from India. Indian vaccines have not been recognized in the new rules, which will take effect from next month.

Abu Dhabi
Britain has released its new travel related to Kovid, due to which there is displeasure among UAE and Indian travelers. The UK has announced that people who have been vaccinated in some countries, such as the United Arab Emirates and India, will be treated as ‘unvaccinated’ in the UK. The rules state that passengers who have not been fully vaccinated will have to undergo PCR tests before the flight and on the second and eighth days of their arrival in the country. Passengers will have to self-isolate themselves at their address after reaching the UK.

Recognition of vaccination of 17 countries
These rules were announced last week and will be effective from October 4. Britain says it will recognize the vaccine given in 17 additional countries. Earlier, only vaccines given here in the US, UK and European Union countries were considered valid. James Cleverley, Minister of the Middle East and North Africa at Britain’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, said the UK government was finalizing arrangements to include the UAE in its plans.
Travelers who have been vaccinated in UAE India are in troubleGood news for job seekers in UAE, Amazon is bringing 1,500 opportunities
Outrage in India and UAE over the decision
In a tweet, he said that fully vaccinated travelers from many countries will be allowed to enter the country from October 4. We are finalizing arrangements to include UAE citizens and residents as well. With this decision, there can be a lot of displeasure among UK expatriates living in the UAE. There are currently three separate lists for travel to the UK, red, amber and green. According to the danger, different countries have been kept in different lists.

Indian students are upset
From October 4, all the lists will be merged and only the red list will remain. Travelers from countries on the Red List will face restrictions on travel to the UK. India is still on the Amber list. In such a situation, eliminating the Amber list means that only a few passengers will be exempted from the PCR test. India is not included in the countries whose Kovid-19 vaccines will be approved in the UK. This means that Indians who have received the Kovidshield vaccine from the Serum Institute of India will compulsorily undergo a PCR test and live in isolation at the designated addresses.


Sanam Arora, president of the National Indian Student and Alumni Union (AISAU) in the UK, said, “Indian students are upset that they feel it is a discriminatory move because they are treated differently than their counterparts in the US and EU. Behavior is being done.’ The Indian government has already said that it is working with several countries to recognize India’s vaccine certification on a “reciprocal basis”.


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