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Before traveling to Saudi Arabia, Indians should know these rules, only they will get entry


Saudi Arabia: Now the journey of Saudi Arabia has started for some people from India. Travelers will have to follow the most important rule related to the corona vaccine. However, tourists will not be allowed to travel at present.


  • Saudi Arabia gives relief in travel restrictions to people from 20 countries
  • Some special people will now be allowed conditional entry into the country
  • Entry to people who have got both doses of vaccine in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday lifted the ban on direct entry into the country, giving relief to travelers coming from 20 countries including India. Saudi Arabia banned incoming flights from many countries in February after a rise in corona cases. The Foreign Ministry agency said that only those who have gone out of their country will be allowed direct entry after getting the full dose of the vaccine. Relief has been given by the Saudi government to the citizens of Saudi Arabia, foreign diplomats, health workers and their families.

Relief for travelers from these countries
So far, a total of 8,497 corona cases have been reported in the country. On Tuesday, seven people died due to Corona. The agency said that the passengers entering the country will be thoroughly screened to ensure that they are completely free from infection. Countries facing the travel ban include India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

Take special care of these rules
The new rule also applies to travelers who have traveled through any of the 20 countries in the 14 days prior to their trip to Saudi Arabia. Many travelers use Dubai as a transit hub. From here they catch flights to countries where there is no direct flight from Saudi Arabia. This feature was also discontinued after the ban came into force. While imposing restrictions in February, Saudi health officials warned that it would be difficult to contain the virus if social distancing rules were flouted.


Who will get entry in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia first suspended flights to and from the country on 14 March 2020. Leaders and businessmen of the expatriate community in Saudi have applauded the decision of the Kingdom. The new rule will only apply to foreigners who have a valid residency permit (Iqama) and have left the Kingdom on exit and reentry visas after receiving two doses of the coronavirus vaccine from Saudi Arabia.

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