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Afghanistan: Ashraf Ghani said on running away with billions of rupees, I could not even wear shoes


Ashraf Ghani Denies Taking Sums Of Money: President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani has given clarification on running away from the country’s government treasury with 12 billion rupees. He said that I could not even wear my shoes and had to go in sandals.


  • Ashraf Ghani accused of absconding from Afghanistan with Rs 12 billion
  • President Ashraf Ghani, who is living in exile in UAE, has clarified on these allegations.
  • Ghani issued a video message saying that he left the country to stop the bloodshed.

President Ashraf Ghani, who is living in exile in Afghanistan, accused of absconding with 12 billion rupees from Afghanistan’s state treasury, has now clarified these allegations. Ashraf Ghani, who arrived in the United Arab Emirates after fleeing Afghanistan, said in a video message on Wednesday that Kabul was besieged by the Taliban and he left the country to stop the bloodshed. Ashraf Ghani said that he had to leave Kabul so early that he could not even take off his sandals and put on shoes.

Ashraf Ghani said, ‘I took only a waistcoat and some clothes. Efforts are being made to kill my character and it is being said that I ran away with money. These allegations are baseless. You can also ask the customs department officials. They are baseless. He said, ‘I could not even take off my sandals and put on shoes in their place. I was taken out of Afghanistan.

Demand from international police to arrest Ashraf Ghani
Ghani, who lives in the UAE, said, ‘If I had stayed, I would have witnessed the bloodshed in Kabul. I have left Afghanistan on the advice of government officials. Kabul should not turn into another Yemen or Syria in the struggle for power, because of this I was forced to leave the country. Earlier, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Tajikistan, Mohammad Zahir Aghbar, accused President Ashraf Ghani of “stealing” $169 million from government funds and called on international police to arrest him.


Ghani had left Afghanistan on Sunday as the Taliban approached Kabul, and as of Wednesday, there was no information about his whereabouts. The United Arab Emirates later said it had allowed Ghani and his family to stay on “humanitarian grounds”. Ambassador Mohammad Zahir Aghbar said on Wednesday that “Ghani stole $169 million from the state treasury” and called Ghani’s departure a “betrayal to the state and the nation”.

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Ashraf Ghani clarified on running away with money

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