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Abu Dhabi: 12 days home quarantine required on arrival in Abu Dhabi, read new rules before reaching UAE


Passengers have been booking flight tickets since the beginning of air traffic from India to the UAE. Abu Dhabi issued new rules saying that travelers will have to stay in a 12-day quarantine after reaching the UAE.


  • Abu Dhabi issued new rules for passengers
  • Home quarantine will be necessary after reaching UAE
  • Medical wristband will be necessary to wear in quarantine

Abu Dhabi
Flights from India to United Arab Emirates have started. The UAE has released its list of rules for travelers which is constantly being updated. On Tuesday, Etihad Airways of the UAE updated its travel guidelines. As per the new guidelines, UAE residents flying from India to UAE will now have to undergo a 12-day home quarantine after reaching Abu Dhabi.

PCR test will be done three times
The new protocol states that when passengers reach Abu Dhabi, they will have to stay in Quarantine for 12 days. It will be mandatory for passengers to wear medically approved wristbands during their quarantine period. After getting the immigration approval, passengers will be given this wristband by the authorities at the Abu Dhabi airport. It has been said on the website that passengers will also have to undergo a PCR test on arrival, which will be done on the sixth and eleventh day while in quarantine.


12 days quarantine required
New guidelines have also been included in the notice sent by the Indian airline Indigo to travel agents. It has been informed in the notice that after reaching Abu Dhabi, the passengers will have to undergo a 12-day home or institutional quarantine. On the other hand, on Tuesday, flydubai reported that Dubai residents are being allowed to return to the UAE in nine cities in India.

Relief from expensive tickets
The airline said that UAE residents holding valid visas issued by Dubai can fly from Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram. Flydubai is a budget airline with low fares compared to other flights. Flydubai’s expansion in service is expected to ease the journey of a large number of UAE residents and workers stranded in India who are upset over the increased fares on this route.


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