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World leaders will meet for the first time in two years at the United Nations

New York, Sep 21 (AP) For the first time in two years, leaders from around the world will gather at the United Nations on Tuesday to discuss how to deal with various crises. These issues include the Covid-19 pandemic still terrifying people and the continued warming of the earth.

Apart from this, issues such as rising tensions between the US and China, the unstable future of Afghanistan under the new Taliban rulers and conflicts in the Tigre region of Yemen, Syria and Ethiopia also remain.

Last year no leader came to the United Nations because the whole world was battling the corona virus at that time. So his pre-recorded speeches happened only. This year, the General Assembly gave leaders the option of visiting New York or addressing online. More than 100 heads of state and government decided to attend the General Assembly Hall.

UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will inaugurate the week-long event and will leave no stone unturned to express his concern about the state of the world and a plan to remove obstacles to progress. Will take a view.


As per tradition, Brazil is the first country to address the meeting and its President, President Jair Bolsonaro, has not yet got the Kovid vaccine. He had said again in the past that he is not in a hurry to take the Kovid vaccine. He justified not being vaccinated, saying that he was suffering from COVID-19 and therefore had high levels of antibodies in his body.

The three speakers who will be most closely watched on Tuesday morning include US President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Iran’s newly elected President Ibrahim Raisi. The Chinese President will address via video.

Ahead of the opening of the UN General Assembly’s annual general meeting, Guterres issued a stern warning, saying that if the US and China do not mend their “totally cold” ties, the world is headed for a new and possibly more dangerous Cold War. may increase.

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