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Will the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle be revealed? Signs found from the wreckage of the ship that disappeared 71 years ago

The Bermuda Triangle area of ​​the North Atlantic Ocean has been a mystery to the world. Ships or planes going here, mysteriously disappear. One of these was Flight 19 which disappeared off the coast of Florida. Flight 19 had 5 US TBM Avenger torpedo bombers. On December 5, 1945, this squadron had left Fort Lauderdale and was returning after bombing the area named Haynes and Chicken Shoals.

The search was on for the plane
As they returned to base, Flight Leader Lieutenant Charles Taylor encountered navigational problems and the plane lost its way. It is believed that they entered the Bermuda Triangle. This area extends from Florida to Bermuda and Puerto Rico. A team of 13 more people was sent to find the 14 people in these planes, but these 27 people did not know anything. Last year, the team of new experts intensified the search for these aircraft.

Will the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle be revealed Signs
ship wreck found
The History Channel US documentary ‘History’s Greatest Mysteries’ describes how researchers are still trying to uncover the secrets related to these planes. Marine biologist Mike Burnett with the help of Florida fishermen found the wreckage of the plane. Planes were not found in it, but the wreckage of a ship was definitely found. Burnett reported that the wreckage was 200 feet long and had a 24-foot beam. This ship must have been carrying cargo like some white clay.

Is it the same?
A cargo-carrying ship had also disappeared here 71 years ago. The Sandra left Georgia for Venezuela in April 1950 and was never seen again. The 185-foot Costa Rica ship carried 12 people and 300 tons of insecticide DDT. Where he had left, this debris was found there. The debris may be from The Sandra itself. However, no clue has been found about Flight 19.

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