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Watch Videos: New York floods worse than Delhi, roads and cars submerged in historic rains


New York
Due to the impact of Hurricane Ida and other storms, it is raining heavily in the northeastern region of America. Life has been severely disrupted in many parts due to flash-floods and tornadoes causing deadly rains. Most subway service in New York City has been shut down due to heavy flooding and flights were suspended at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. New Jersey Transit closed all train services.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told people through NY1 not to stay on the streets and move to safer places. The flooding can be seen on Queens Boulevard in the photos. At the same time, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy declared an emergency.


The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood emergency amid torrential rains in New York, Brooklyn and Queens. The NWS has reported that relief operations are ongoing in Staten Island and that tornado warnings are being monitored. On Wednesday, Newark Airport received half an inch of rain in 6 minutes and 1.53 inches in 23 minutes.

The rains in Newark broke old records and it is believed that it will continue to increase. Not only this, some meteorologists estimate that this time there may be such rain which happens once in 100-500 years. At the same time, it is being feared about Hurricane Aida that it can be more powerful than Hurricane Katrina which came in the year 2005 and can cause huge destruction.


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