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Watch: After a year, the grandson was shocked to see Grandfather, social media became emotional



  • After a year, both the grandchildren were delighted to see Grandfather.
  • Social media users got emotional after seeing the viral video
  • Users said, ‘I would also like to be such a grandfather in the coming time’

A ‘very cute’ video is going viral on the internet, which will put a smile on your face. In the video, an elderly man is eagerly waiting for his grandchildren to return from school in the courtyard of the house. Seeing their grandfather, both the grandchildren jump with joy and start running and jumping fast.

This meeting of grandfather and grandson is happening after almost a year. The elderly man had come from the US to Connecticut to meet his grandchildren. He was waiting for her in the courtyard of the house as both the grandchildren were returning from school. As soon as he sees his grandfather, he happily embraces him and starts running fast in the courtyard of the house.


The video has been shared on Twitter by a user named ‘Good News Correspondent’. So far more than 11 thousand people have seen it and 56 people have retweeted this video. So far 342 likes have come on the video which is increasing continuously. People on social media are getting emotional after watching this video and are remembering their grandparents.

One user wrote that those people are lucky to have their grandparents. Another user wrote that when my turn comes, I would also like to be the same grandfather. Many people remembered their childhood after watching this video. One user wrote in the comment, ‘I wish! My grandfather would have been alive.


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