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Video: ‘Sea lion’ frightened by killer whale climbs onto the boat, refuses to land by shaking his head


Sea Lion: When the woman asks the sea creature to go back into the water, it nods its head and refuses. It is as funny as it sounds because he knows that going into the water will put his life in danger.

Vancouver (Canada)
A woman on a boat suddenly found a guest in the water. It was not a human but a sea creature, which is also called ‘Sea Lion’ or ‘Sumadri Lion’. It was extremely frightened and boarded the boat to save its life. The video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The video has been shared by a woman on Tiktok with an account named @nutabull.

killer whale surrounds the boat
The woman shot the video on Vancouver Island in the Pacific Ocean, where such incidents are frequent. It can be seen in the beginning of the video that the scared sea lion is already on the boat. The woman was shocked to see him that where did this animal come from? Then the woman saw that her boat was surrounded by some killer whales.

refused to go into the water
Seeing it shows that these dangerous whales were looking for this creature and this creature could become their food. When the woman asks the sea lion to go back into the water, it nods and refuses. It sounds very funny to watch but it is equally sad. Because this creature could become a victim of killer whale as soon as it went back into the water.


Viewed by over 3 million people
After sharing this video on Twitter, more than three lakh people have seen so far. More than 1800 people have retweeted it and about 10 thousand people have liked it. In the video, giant killer whales can be seen swimming around the boat. It looks very intimidating with Sea Lion’s gesture.



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