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Video of Hurricane Ida: Hurricane Ida ‘Very, Very Dangerous’


After fierce forest fires and devastating heatwave, America is now facing a storm. Hurricane Ida has advanced beyond the Gulf of Mexico and in view of its danger, thousands of people have started fleeing from Louisiana to safer places. Ida has been labeled a Category Four hurricane, which is just one level below the most serious.

‘Very, very dangerous’
It is believed that it may be more powerful than Hurricane Katrina, which caused massive destruction in New Orleans in 2005. President Joe Biden has issued a warning that Ida is ‘turning into a very, very dangerous hurricane.’ He said that the government is ready to provide all help. So far it is estimated that it will reach land by Sunday evening, due to which there is a possibility of a damaging storm.


‘There could be great devastation
According to the BBC report, traffic jams have also started due to the large number of people coming out. The governor of Mississippi has declared a state emergency. According to the Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter, the wind speed remains at 130 mph. There is a possibility of increasing the speed as it progresses, which can lead to heavy destruction.

fourth storm
The National Hurricane Center says that based on satellite images, the storm appears to be getting stronger. It will be the fourth such storm in a year when it hits Louisiana. People in New Orleans have been asked to move to safer places. It has also been made mandatory in some places. People have also been asked to store food and water for at least three days as it may take three days to get help if there is a huge disaster.

The threat from space (Photo: Megan McArthur, Twitter)
The threat from space (Photo: Megan McArthur, Twitter)


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