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US Republican Party divided on Afghan refugees, Donald Trump also reverses before mid-term elections


There is a growing number of Republican leaders questioning the country’s refuge for Afghan citizens in the wake of the US evacuation campaign amid the chaos following the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan and ahead of the party’s midterm elections next year. Differences are growing among Republican leaders.

Former US President Donald Trump issued a statement a week ago saying “citizens and others who help our country should be allowed to become refugees”, but he recently cautioned that at the end of the month, Americans Those trying to pull out of Afghanistan before the time limit for the evacuation operation of the forces may pose a threat.

Trump said, ‘How many terrorists will Joe Biden bring into the country?’ The Republican Party has criticized Biden for his handling of the first major foreign policy crisis he faced. Some Republican leaders are making anti-immigration rhetoric and are against giving asylum to Afghan citizens, while other party leaders believe that the US should help those who have helped Americans over the past two decades. Of.

US Republican Party divided on Afghan refugees Donald Trump also
The director of the Republican Accountability Project, Olivia Troy, dismissed the involvement of terrorists among Afghan citizens seeking asylum, saying, “This is really completely baseless.” Republican leader and referendum analyst Neil Newhouse said the rhetoric reflected the country’s growing concern about terrorist threats following the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan.


The Biden administration has insisted that all those who have been approved to come to the United States are being thoroughly screened by round-the-clock officials. Trump and his supporters have demanded that Americans be given priority in the evacuation campaign.

American public accepted Afghanistan war was not right Biden said
Concerns over security in the US have increased after an attack on a mob near Kabul airport on Thursday killed 13 American personnel and more than 150 Afghan civilians. Republican Party leader Matt Rosendale tweeted, ‘How many US military personnel would have to die to evacuate undocumented refugees? Take out American citizens and bring our forces home.’

Many others, including Republican governors and lawmakers, have a different stand and have welcomed and are helping refugees in their states. The US has evacuated more than a million people from Afghanistan since August 14, of whom more than 5,100 are Americans. US officials believe that some 500 Americans wanting to leave Afghanistan are still in the war-torn country, while the rest are believed to stay there.


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