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US: Pakistani citizen committed $ 200 million phone fraud, court sentenced to 12 years in jail


A Pakistani national has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for conspiring to ‘unlock’ a phone from AT&T’s network. The company says that the conspiracy has caused the company a loss of more than $ 200 million. Mohammad Fahad (35) of Karachi was recruited via Facebook in 2012 as an employee of ‘AT&T’ call center in Bothall, Washington, he had bribed some people to help him unlock the phone .

used to unlock phone from pakistan
This allowed the phone to be removed from AT&T’s network even if consumers had not completed payment for these expensive devices or their service contract had not expired. Consumers could then buy cheaper service for their phones. Following this, Fahad had inserted malware into the company’s software, with the help of which he could unlock the phone from Pakistan, the prosecution said.

Earn millions of dollars by selling service
After the company initially found out about this conspiracy, the two workers involved in it were fired, even after this Fahad continued this work. Fahd sold illegal phone-unlocking service through online retailers and made millions of dollars, helping him make expensive trips abroad. She paid $9,22,000 to three ‘AT&T’ employees from 2012 to 2017. He was arrested from Hong Kong in 2018. AT&T’s forensic analysis found that more than 19 lakh phones were unlocked as part of this conspiracy.


Will have to pay $ 20 million
The company lost $200 million due to the phone being removed from its network before paying subscribers. It does not include loss due to non-fulfillment of service contract. Fahd was extradited to the US in 2019. He pleaded guilty a year ago and was sentenced on Thursday. Fahd apologized in a letter to US District Judge Robert Lasnick. Lasnik also ordered Fahd to pay more than $200 million in compensation.


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