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US expresses ‘firm commitment’ to India as a major defense partner

Washington, Sep 25 (PTI) US President Joe Biden reiterated his “firm commitment” to India as a major defense partner through close engagement, including through information sharing and strengthening cooperation in advanced military technologies.

During the first face-to-face bilateral meeting between President Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House on Friday, the two leaders also welcomed the deepening of advanced industrial cooperation and the use of air-launched unmanned aerial vehicles under the Defense Technology and Trade Initiative. Mentioned the recent project for co-development of aerial vehicles (UAVs). At the same time the two encouraged more such joint efforts.

A joint statement issued after the bilateral meeting said, “President Biden reaffirmed the strength of the defense relationship between the United States and India and focused on sharing of information, logistical and militarized communications, advanced military technologies and Reiterated India’s steadfast commitment to India as a major defense partner through further strengthening of cooperation by expanding the multilateral framework with regional partners.

In 2016, the US recognized India as a major defense partner. In line with this, in 2018, India was granted ‘Strategic Trade Authorization Tier-1’ status, which allows India to have license-free access to a wide range of military and dual-use technologies regulated by the Department of Commerce. Is.

The leaders called upon the government and private stakeholders to utilize the existing ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship in defense industries for co-development, co-production and expansion of mutual defense trade.


“They were also looking forward to the inaugural meeting of the Industrial Security Agreement Summit to facilitate high-level defense industrial cooperation,” the statement said.

The leaders decided that the United States and India should continue their partnership in new areas and many areas of critical and emerging technology – space, cyber, health security, semiconductors, AI, 5G, 6G and future generation telecommunications technology and blockchain. should define innovation processes and the economic and security landscape of the next century.

They recognized the fundamental need to address vulnerabilities and threats in cyberspace, including promoting the resilience of critical infrastructure. It also welcomed the growing partnership between governments to combat ransomware and other cyber-enabled crime, including efforts to combat cybercriminals.

Biden and Modi reiterated the importance of sustainable capacity building and said that mutual technical assistance efforts to respond to cyber threats should be prioritized and increased, including dialogue, joint meetings, training and sharing of best practices. is included.

“They look forward to finalizing the ‘Space Situational Awareness Memorandum of Understanding’ which will help share data and services to ensure the long-term sustainability of outer space activities by the end of the year,” the statement said. ”

As global partners, the US and India resolved to further strengthen their cooperation in education, science and technology, and people-to-people engagement. The leaders welcomed the close consultations through the two-plus-two ministerial talks between the foreign and defense ministers of India and the US later this year, the statement said.


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