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US China News: Friendship with Taliban! Now, why is Biden making friends one by one on the Chinese army?


Amidst the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, America is emphasizing these days to engage enemies more than friends. For the first time in the Biden administration, America’s enemy number one has held talks with the Chinese military. Tension between the two countries is at its peak on numerous issues like Taiwan, South China Sea, Uighur, Tibet and Hong Kong. A day earlier, China has reacted strongly to a US Navy warship passing through the Gulf of Taiwan.

Biden making friends with enemies
Joe Biden is initiating friendship with America’s enemy countries during his tenure. In June this year, Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the US-Russia summit in Geneva. Earlier, he had announced to call the US Army, which has been fighting the war in Afghanistan for the last 20 years, home before the predetermined deadline. The US is also engaged in talks with Venezuela and Cuba through the back channel.

America wants to build better relations with China!
The US Defense Ministry, the Pentagon, has said a senior official has held talks with the Chinese military for the first time since President Joe Biden took office in January to focus on risk management between the US and China. The US has placed China at the center of its national security policy for years. The Biden administration has described the rivalry with Beijing as the biggest geopolitical test of this century.

Why are you supporting keeping the avenues of dialogue open?
Despite the tension and heated rhetoric, US military officials have long supported keeping open talks with their Chinese counterparts. America says that by doing this, conflict between America and China can be stopped immediately in any corner of the world. On China, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Michael Chase spoke last week with the deputy director of the People’s Liberation Army Office for International Military Cooperation and Major General Huang Xueping in the Chinese military.

US Defense Secretary did not talk
The US official said on condition of anonymity that (he) used a US-PRC defense telephone link to conduct a secure video conference. The official said the two sides agreed on the importance of maintaining open channels of communication between the two armies. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has yet to speak with his Chinese counterpart, as there was debate about which Chinese official was Austin’s counterpart.


Why does Biden want to be friends with enemies?
There is a well thought out strategy behind Joe Biden’s hand of friendship with all the enemy countries of America. The Biden administration does not want the US military to have strained relations with any foreign country without any major gains. In the last election also, American voters supported their country’s military not to get into fights with any foreign country.

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