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US Army’s ‘Bahubali’ is the last soldier returned from Afghanistan, became ‘troublemaker’ 17 times



  • US forces have returned from Afghanistan after fighting for nearly 20 years
  • After this shameful defeat of America, the picture of the last American soldier went viral
  • Major General Chris Donahue’s photo being projected as a US defeat

American forces have returned from Afghanistan after fighting for nearly 20 years. After this humiliating defeat of America, the picture that is being discussed the most is Chris Donahue, the last American soldier who returned from Afghanistan. In the US military, Major General Chris Donahue’s picture of boarding a plane is being presented as a symbol of the defeat of the opposing super power of America. However, the reality is the opposite and Major General Chris is like ‘Bahubali’ for the US Army, who has so far recovered from various crises 17 times.

This picture of Major General Chris climbing the last C-17 plane with his rifle bowed has gone viral across the world. Major General Chris is the commander of the 82nd Airborne Division. He has become an integral part of history by coming out last from Afghanistan. Regarding his role as the Commander of the Airborne Division, Major General Chris told a media organization, ‘It is very enjoyable and full of results and the best job I have done so far. I have done many easy things but I can tell you that this is the most wonderful thing.

Played the role of troubleshooter 17 times so far
Major General Chris graduated from the Military Academy of America. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Infantry Branch in the year 1992. Major General Chris was flown to Afghanistan in August last month for the safe evacuation of Kabul airport. That too when the deadline of August 31 to evacuate Afghanistan was drawing near. Prior to this, he was a special assistant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.

Chris Donahue

Major General Chris was the last to leave Afghanistan

Major General Chris is like Hanuman to the US Army. He has served as a troubleshooter 17 times in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, North Africa and Eastern Europe. Now his homecoming picture is being seen as a symbol of American defeat. This picture released by the Pentagon has been retweeted more than 14 thousand times and 64,000 people have liked it.

This is the last message given to the companions before the departure of the plane
There was no expression on the face of Major General Chris at the time of his return from Afghanistan. His picture was taken with the help of night vision device. On his way back from Afghanistan, he spoke to Taliban commanders for the last time and told them that US forces were finally leaving. He said the last message to his comrades before the plane took off, ‘Very well done. I am proud of you all.’


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