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US Army admits to a big ‘mistake’, killed 10 innocent people, not ISIS-K terrorists in Afghanistan


The US carried out a drone strike on the so-called ‘Islamic State bases’ after losing its soldiers in a suicide attack at Kabul International Airport. However, in the investigation of this attack, it has been found that in reality the target of the US military was not ISIS-K terrorists but 10 common people. During this, a car was also blown up but it was also not related to Islamic State. This has been disclosed by the top general of the US Central Command, General Frank Mackenzie himself.

made a mistake, apologized
According to a CNN report, on Friday, General Mackenzie told the US Defense Department at the Pentagon that seven children were killed in this strike. Admitting this mistake, he has also apologized. “The attack was carried out with the belief that the threat posed to our forces and people waiting to exit the airport would be averted, but it was a mistake and I apologize,” he said.

took full responsibility
He said he takes full responsibility for the attack and its fatal outcome. Makanji has said that more accuracy will be taken before conducting such strikes in future. General Mackenzie’s statement could lead to more trouble for the Joe Biden administration, which is already facing criticism for its poor handling of the situation in Afghanistan.

Biden’s claim that ISIS was actually responsible for the deaths of soldiers killed in the Kabul airport attack has once again been questioned after the identity of the real victims of the attack was revealed.


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US military admits mistake in Afghanistan

US military admits mistake in Afghanistan

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