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UNSC emergency meeting on Afghanistan, America warns Taliban, know who said what?


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An emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is going on regarding the situation created after the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. Indian External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar is presiding this meeting. At the meeting, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres appealed to the Taliban to maintain peace. At the same time, the US warned that if there was any threat to its citizens or mission, then military action would be taken.

What did the UN Secretary General say?
UN Chief Guterres said the international community must unite to ensure that Afghanistan never again becomes a safe haven for terrorist organizations. At the same time, he also appealed to all parties, including the Taliban, to maintain peace.

Even if the American gets a scratch, he will not leave
At the UNSC meeting, the US representative clearly stated that all Afghan citizens and international citizens who wish to leave the country should be allowed to do so safely. He also pointed out that President Biden has made it clear that any action that puts American personnel or our mission at risk will be met with a quick and strong military response.


India said – atmosphere of fear in Afghanistan
Permanent Representative TS Tirumurti, who attended the meeting on behalf of India, said that as a neighbor of Afghanistan, as a friend of the people there, the current situation in the country is a matter of great concern to us in India. Afghan men, women and children continue to live in a state of fear. Before the current crisis broke out, development projects were underway in each of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces from India. We call on parties concerned to maintain law and order, ensure the security of all concerned, including UN diplomatic and consular personnel.

Situation at Kabul airport unfortunate: India
He also said that we have seen a very unfortunate scene at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul which has caused widespread panic among the people. Women and children are troubled. Incidents of firing have been reported from the city including the airport. If there is zero-tolerance in all forms and manifestations of terrorism and it is ensured that Afghan territory is not used by terrorist groups to threaten or attack any other country. This will make the neighboring countries and regions of Afghanistan feel safe.


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