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These blue masks do not protect from corona virus? Told in new study, prevent only 10% of infections


People have been using blue surgical masks to avoid the corona virus, but a recent study states that this mask is not enough to protect against Kovid-19. This study has been done at the University of Waterloo, Canada. It showed that the N95 and KN95 masks blocked more aerosol droplets than the blue masks. Blue masks, on the other hand, were found to be only 10 percent effective.

According to Sarhi Yarusevich, professor of mechanical and mechatronics engineering and the study’s leader, wearing a face covering is essential for protection even when living close or away from inside the room. However, the differences between different masks are severe enough to contain the aerosols.

Why are they less effective?
Yarusevich and his team say that many people wear masks that do not fit their faces. On the other hand, the N95 mask fits snugly on the face. Cloth masks can also cause aerosols to escape.

At the same time, N95 can filter out more than 50% of the aerosols while the rest are dispersed and there is no risk of infection. Yarusevich says that is why medical practitioners wear N95 masks because they are more effective. We have given concrete reasons and data behind this in this study.

These blue masks do not protect from corona virus Told
‘People wear N95 masks’
His team says that it has been found in the ventilation test that even at a decent ventilation rate, it provides protection like a good quality mask. Earlier, Michael Osterholm, former Kovid-19 adviser to US President Joe Biden, said that covering the face with cloth is not very effective and people should wear N95 masks.


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