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The fisherman found a fish with teeth like humans, Know What people said


North Carolina A fisherman in America has found such a fish, seeing that people are as surprised as they are scared. Actually, such a fish has been found here whose teeth are like humans. A picture of this strange looking fish has been shared by Jennette’s Pier on Facebook. According to the post, a fisherman named Nathan Martin has got this fish, whose name is Sheephead.

Sheephead fish are commonly found near reefs, corals and bridges. There are black and white stripes on them. In one picture, the upper and lower teeth of the sheephead fish are clearly visible, which look like humans.


According to Scientific American, this sheephead fish has teeth like humans because it is both carnivorous and herbivorous. They usually weigh between 5 and 15 pounds. They are found year-round in the coastal waters of North Carolina. The front teeth of sheephead fish are used to break the shell of the prey.

These pictures are going viral on social media and people are surprised to see this unique fish. Some have called it scary and some have said that the teeth of this fish are better than them. Earlier in February, a fisherman near Melbourne had also seen a similar fish. Paul Lor had told that even though the teeth of this fish are like humans in appearance, on the inside they are like the teeth of sharks.


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