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T-cell produces COVID-19 vaccine against different variants of the virus

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The good news is that current vaccines activate T cells to fight against the SARS-CoV2 virus and other emerging variants in the long term.

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Over the past year or so, the general public has learned a lot about viruses, vaccines and the immune system. We also absorbed a lot of complex and specialized information about how safe and effective anti-Covid-19 vaccines are.

However, there is also a very important and positive aspect of vaccines, about which people have not been able to get much information. The data reported about the effectiveness of anti-Covid vaccines focuses on only one aspect of immunity – antibodies, but there is another aspect to it – T cells. T cells are an important part of our immune system. The good news is that current vaccines activate T cells to fight against the SARS-CoV2 virus and other emerging variants in the long term.

How does our immune system work?
The immune system protects us from various infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. The system first looks at who is the germ responsible for causing the infection. According to him, it reacts appropriately and in the meantime produces memory cells and these cells can recognize the germ in future also. In this way the immune system becomes ready to fight the infection again.

When the immune system decides that an anti-viral response is needed, it provides two types of immune response – first through antibodies and second through T-cells. Antibodies neutralize viruses by sticking to them and preventing them from infecting other cells. Meanwhile T-cells kill the cells the virus has infected. Both types of immunity are important in fighting the virus.


powerful weapon against virus
In the study, it has been found that immunity through cells is an important weapon against SARS-CoV2 or corona virus. One study found that T cells’ immunity against the SARS corona virus lasted for 11 years. It provides complete, effective and long-term protection against SARS.

A recent study suggests that more attention should be paid to the development of vaccines that are able to develop antibodies and activate a predominantly cell-based response against SARS-CoV2 and its variants.

Several studies have shown that various forms of SARS-CoV2 can be evaded by neutralizing antibodies, but the cell-based response activated by anti-Covid vaccines remains effective. Studies show that the level of antibodies produced by vaccines declines over time. Immunity from Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines lasts for at least six months.

(Dewald Schuman and Bertram C. Fielding, University of the Western Cape, The Conversation)


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