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Our response to COVID-19 has been very slow and uneven: UN chief

(Yoshita Singh)

United Nations, Sep 20 (PTI) UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday called for immediate action to end the COVID-19 pandemic that has killed more than 4 million people worldwide. He said the international community’s response to the pandemic has been “very slow and uneven”.

“Our world faces an unprecedented challenge,” Guterres said on the eve of the conclusion of the High-Level Week of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Be it climate change or the ongoing conflict at various places or Kovid-19, all these challenges have taken away the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from us.


Guterres said there is a way to recover if we want to. He emphasized on immediate attention to five areas. These include ending the pandemic, sustainable and sustainable development for all, equal rights for women and girls, climate action and zero emissions by 2050, and public support.

He said, “First of all, this pandemic has to end. Our response has been extremely slow and very uneven. I call on the world to come together on a global immunization plan so that 70 percent of the world’s population can be vaccinated by the middle of next year.

According to the data of the World Health Organization, a total of 228,206,384 people have been found infected with the virus so far across the world. Of these, 4,687,066 people have died. As of 15 September 2021, 5,634,533,040 anti-Covid vaccines have been administered worldwide.


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