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New York Storm Ida: Hurricane Ida wreaks havoc in New York, heavy rain and floods kill at least 41 people



  • Hurricane Ida wreaks havoc in New York City, USA
  • So far 41 people have died due to the storm
  • State emergency declared in New York in wake of hurricane

New York
The impact of Hurricane Ida brought heavy rains to New York City, US, and at least 41 people died in flooding in the area. Several vehicles were submerged in the flood waters and houses were flooded. A New York City police spokeswoman said a total of eight people died after being trapped in a basement amid floods.

State emergency declared in New York
A state of emergency was declared late Wednesday in New York City and the rest of the province in the wake of Hurricane Ida. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency in New York City late Wednesday, saying, “We are facing a historic weather event tonight with record-breaking rain, severe flooding and dangerous road conditions across the city.” Huh.’ At the same time, Governor Cathy Hochul also declared a state of emergency for the state of New York.


New York’s FDR Drive and the Bronx River Parkway were submerged as of late Wednesday. Subway stations and tracks were flooded so much that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority suspended all services. Videos viral on social media showed vehicles submerged to their windows on major roads in and around the city and garbage flowing on the streets.


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