Suicide Squad Air Cut still won’t include all Jared Leto Joker footage


Kevin Hickman, one of the editors of the Suicide Squad, explained why most of Jared Leto’s performance as the Joker failed to cut David Eyre’s original.

Even to cut the roots of David Eyre Suicide Squad, Lots of Jared Leto’s Joker scene was cut. After the debut of the early heroes of the DC Extended Universe via Jack Snyder Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Came up with a villain-centric film with Warner Bros. 201’s design project Introducing a string of bad guys in the franchise forced to make the film better, the focus was on Leto who was debuting a new version of Clown Prince of Crime.

The Joker was a big part Suicide SquadIts marketing. He was at the center of the trailers and took on huge size in the poster. With the news of Leto’s performance, the couple and Christopher Nolan had a high level of interest in how to measure his repetition against the fifth image of Heath Ledger. The Dark Knight. However, the iconic DC villain in the film was disappointed at how briefly he knew. The general explanation for this sudden difference was Warner Bros.’s creative intervention that forced last-minute resumes. Suicide Squad Lighter, however, it turns out that even Ayre’s cut didn’t capture all the features that Leto shot.

Talking to Cinema Blend, Suicide SquadIts co-editor Kevin Hickman revealed that the Joker actor only gave them plenty of content. He liked what he did personally with the Leto character, especially since he has become so sensitive, they had a hard time sharing most of it in the film. That said, Hickman wants the Clown Prince of Crime to be featured more prominently on the project.

Jared Leto, I thought, did a really good job playing the Joker. I know there are a lot of opinions on the subject but I really liked what he did. He really brought a psychological character to life and because of the passage of time and Jared provided so many elements that we couldn’t use it to the fullest. And for the lot of material we just couldn’t find any purpose for it because sometimes he just gets this kind of crazy, insane touch and it’s really hard to weave in the film. Sometimes it wasn’t just appropriate for what he was doing, however, it felt good to see what was revealed in the movie after the Joker character was somewhat more forgotten.


Given this revelation from Hickman, it would have been better to take the Joker’s inspiring story first before joining Warner Bros. Leto. Suicide Squad. Given its huge cast, the time to run in the movie was limited, so despite not being ordered to reopen the studio, it was still difficult to focus a major focus on the Clown Prince of Crime. Perhaps if DCEU had led with an appropriate Joker-centric project that could establish the character as a franchise player, they would have been able to better include him in the pair movie. Understandably, Leto was keen to try a lot at first when playing the character, considering the huge pressure to follow in the footsteps of other actors living in the role.

Later Suicide Squad, There are several projects where the actor was supposed to republish his role as DC villain, but nothing materialized. As he finally moved on, Warner Bros. Joaquin made his debut as a brand new Joker in Phoenix. At the moment, there is no question of Leto having a future as a Joker, but his brief return to the end. Jack Snyder Justice League Going down the street gives DCEU a chance to get back.

Source: CinemaBlend

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Suicide Squad Air Cut still won’t include all Jared Leto Joker footage
Suicide Squad Air Cut still won’t include all Jared Leto Joker footage
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