Shazam 2 set video reveals Rachel Jegeller’s superhero costume


In the video leaked from the set of Shazam 2, Rachel Jegellar is seen in her superhero costume, probably confirming her mystery character that she is a girl from Atlas.

Shajam d Rachel Ziegler’s superhero costume has been revealed in the set video. Of 2019 Shajam! After a long wait, comic book superhero Billy Batson was finally brought to DCU. Fans were clearly thrilled with the results as the movie grossed 6 366 million worldwide.

Given that huge box office return Shajam! No wonder the sequel is currently working (after a long COVID-imposed delay). Zakari Levi is coming back Shajam! The wrath of the gods As a (physically) grown-up superhero version of Batson, and also director David S. Sandberg, who doesn’t hype the image on Twitter (and occasionally trolls fans) when he’s actually busy with the movie. New additions The wrath of the gods Actors include Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu as DC villains Hesperia and Calypso, daughters of the god Atlas. It was announced in February that Ziegler had also joined the cast in a mystery role.

Shajam! Fans were recently treated for leaking pictures set with the first look in the new LeBron Shajam d Clothing is now a leaked video from the set giving everyone the first look at their costumes to Jegler. As a bonus, the video again shows Levi in ​​her shajam dods, keeping some fan to cool herself (this dress makes it hot). The activity is being shot in a parking lot and other costume cleaners will be seen walking around. Watch the clip in the space below (via jackel_updates / Instagram):

The video doesn’t give Jegellar a great look, but it does imply that he appears to have played a superhero character in the movie. No official details have been released about Jegellar’s character, but it appears she played the sister of the characters Mirren and Liu, which will also make her the daughter of the Greek god Atlas. There are further rumors that Zegler’s character at some point pretends to be an ally of Billy Batson and his brother Freddie Freeman to gain their trust. This scene indicates that perhaps Jegler’s character started out as a villain but has gotten better, although this is just speculation at the moment.

There is no speculation that Zegler’s star is growing rapidly in Hollywood. The actress got her big break when she was selected from thousands of applicants for the role of Maria in the remake of Steven Spielberg’s classic musical instrument. West Side Story. Zegler doesn’t have any movies yet, but there are a lot of popular videos on YouTube that have a cover of “Shallow”. A star was born It has more than thirty million views.


He is set to star in both the Spielberg movie and a big superhero franchise movie, it should be said that Zegler is going to be a big deal in Hollywood. Shajam! Of course there will be a bigger deal at DCEU as the character’s classic opponent is going to get his own movie with Black Adam-led Dwayne Johnson. Shazam’s future certainly looks bright as a big part of the larger plan for DC’s movie Shajam d. Clearly the light-hearted approach sometimes works just as well as the dark approach to DC.

Source: Jackel_updates / Instagram

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Shazam 2 set video reveals Rachel Jegeller’s superhero costume
Shazam 2 set video reveals Rachel Jegeller’s superhero costume
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