Kate Beckinsale fatally suspects the underworld will be 6 Will Ever

Actress Kate Beckinsale, who plays Celine in the Underworld film franchise, says the series is unlikely to be the sixth installment.

Kate Beckinsale, the actress who portrayed Celine in every film Underworld Suffrage, I doubt if the series will continue with the sixth film. The series began in the 2003s. Underworld, Directed by Lane Wiseman. The film introduces the audience to Celine, the franchise’s protagonist, a vampire warrior known as the Death Dealer, who sacrificed his life to kill Lichens (Verulov). Underworld In an attempt to save and fall in love with a man named Michael, Celine saw him reveal a lie within his own vampire clan. In addition to Beckinsale, the film also stars Bill Nighi, Michael Shane and Scott Speedman. Underworld More than 95 95 million has been created worldwide without a হয়েছে 22 million budget and a franchise has been born.

The first sequel, Underworld: Evolution, Released in 2006 and it continues the story of Celine and Michael. 2009 prequel, Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans, Reveals the source of the war between vampires and lichens. The story in the franchise is a bit confusing with the fourth film, Underworld: AwakeningThe lack of an actor portraying Michael as such was clearly hampered, while the story still revolves around him and Celine. The fifth film, 201’s Underworld: Wars of blood, Saw Selene continue to fight to end the war between vampires and lichens. The franchise’s sixth film has been buzzing for years, but no concrete announcement has been made.

At the premiere of his new film Tangled, Said Beckinsale DifferentProvide details about its suspicious manifestations Underworld 6. Although Beckinsale doesn’t think the sixth film will come off the ground, he seems eager to return to the character, even mentioning that he still has Celine’s leather pants, “I know where they are.” Beckinsale wanted to put up an interesting team between Celine and Marvel Blade, he said, “I really wanted them to do an ‘underworld’ – ‘blade’ mashup.”

Beckinsale’s comments about the sixth film carry some weight Underworld: Wars of blood Saw the weakest opening of the franchise, which does not translate into box office gold. Box office returns probably hold the franchise because reviews never seem to stop it. Each image in the franchise has a rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the lowest image Underworld: Evolution17% of it and the highest is real Underworld31% of it. Even critics are never kind to the franchise, it follows a loyalty, because only the fifth installment has a rotten fan rating.

The longest window since 2003 Underworld The release has been four years, which was the gap between 2012 Awakening And of 2016 Wars of blood. It’s been five years since the release of the fifth installment, which further repays the impossible nature of the sixth film. If the franchise is dormant for too long, it is possible that the audience will reboot without a sequel and this rumor Underworld TV shows can eventually come together. In the meantime, Beckinsale has made his action chops and his new image flexible Tangled On July 23, Amazon hit Prime.

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