How pandemic movie box office performance is compared

As theaters reopened and people returned to the movies we began to get a more complete picture of the post-epidemic box office and what to expect as the industry continues to recover from the coronavirus. Thanks to delays in almost every major 2020 release, larger theater closures, and power limitations, the 2020 box office suffered a massive blow, from which the industry could not fully recover.

Still, some big wins at the box office in the summer of 2021 have shown some encouraging signs, but also indicate what to expect from other big releases in the near future. Since the industry has seen such a massive decline, it is not practical to compare post-epidemic box office performance with the already declining audience at the pre-epidemic box office, which means hits like the new box office A quiet place second, F9, And Black widow Behave in a way that exists in a whole new context and does not have them in the pre-epidemic market.

Things are guaranteed to continue to evolve for some time, but if there are no major upheavals in the near future, the condition is that we have a new general snapshot to get an idea of ​​what can be expected for other upcoming releases. Ideally, the trend towards the top of the box office will continue, however A quiet place second, F9, And Black widow Provide enough foundation to establish a few expectations.

Post-pandemic movie domestic box office opening is off

F9 Fast and Furious box office

Some of the searches are obvious, but not only does it not make it relevant, and it is true that the post-epidemic epidemic had significantly fewer box office openings than before. A quiet place second A little harder to compare because the original was a bit of a surprise hit but the opening for the sequel was almost the same. A quiet placeOnly কয়েক 47,547,231 is getting a few million bucks (but due to the 4-day Memorial Day weekend, it’s rising to 57 57,088,948 more than the original). A quiet place secondOpening weekend at the box office It is unique to this list for surpassing its predecessor in ticket sales at the beginning of the long list holiday week, but accounting for a general sequential increase, it was expected that there would be much larger numbers under the pre-epidemic situation.

F9Box office performance is a more general franchise sequel, so its $ 70,043,165 box office opening weekend sales expectation opening trend may be a bit more indicative. F9The lowest opening weekend for the franchise after the third installment, The Fast and the Furious: Toyoko DriftWhich came back before Fast and catastrophic The box office expectation of the franchise was that it is known for today. The fate of the Furians The opening weekend brought in 10 107,310,965.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its ability to turn almost any character into a big franchise of its own, and Black Widow was a member of the Avengers from the beginning, so it would be fair to expect big outs for his solo movies. Black widow , 80,366,312, which is not surprisingly the lowest MCU opening in recent memory from either. Ant man Movies open less than that; However, Ant-Man is not as popular as Black Widows and you have to go to the first episode and Captain America: First Avenger To look for another MCU film with less opening weekly. Affected Black widowAt the box office it is true that it was available streaming in Disney + Premier Access, where it brings one more fair share. However, since we are not evaluating the earnings of every movie, we are avoiding the performance of the next epidemic drama industry, so we can avoid the revenue of streaming that it can justify one percent of ticket sales, but it does not guarantee premiere access is not an option. Was done. Also, with early streaming releases becoming part of the new genre, this is another example of the factors affecting box office performance.

There are big drops in the second-second weekend of post-pandemic box office (but still good legs?)

Black Widow Box Office

Movies aren’t just going downhill, they’re declining rapidly. Each post-pandemic movie mentioned above saw a second-weekend drop compared to its predecessors, despite the strong reception of the three films. Prior to the epidemic, second-weekend drops were usually blamed for bad word of mouth, and this could certainly be a factor if the movies were not well-reviewed, but in this case it probably represented a crowded theater audience. The epidemic has been declining in theaters for many years, and in 2022 it may take some fence-sitters to start having more homes.

A quiet place second Performed best in the region, dropping only 59 percent in the first weekend, which may not seem bad by pre-epidemic quality, with about 60 percent considering the first, although usually the expected drop for summer films. A quiet place Saw only a 34.4 percent drop and movies saw similar positive reviews (incl.) A quiet place 2 Seeing only a slightly less enthusiastic review), much of that drop can be blamed on the post-epidemic market. The first movie was released in April, which is not much better than the expected percent0 percent average of summer, but horror movies usually see a drop0 percent drop, the first movie is a trending trend, so it is clear there are several reasons to play here, but all things considered. A quiet place second Saw a relatively tough second-weekend drop and saw relatively better performances in the weeks that followed.

Conversely, both F9 And Black widow The second weekend dropped to 67 percent. For F9’s The 67 percent drop at the box office is certainly the worst of the franchise, but not surprisingly. Most movies Fast and furious The franchise already has about 60 percent circulation and most of the movies open in April just before the summer season’s heavy downpour. Also, watch the drop two to four times a week for each movie in the franchise, F9Its drop is much more comparable than the rest of the franchise and a bit better than the others Fast Movies.

Black widow Somewhat different story. Marvel’s infamous box office performance rarely sees a drop above 100 percent, passing it only four times, Incredibly messy ship,Captain America: First Avenger, Spider-Man: Homecoming, And Ant-man and wireless (With Spider-Man: Homecoming .22.2 percent box office drop marks pre-epidemic high points of MSU). The movie only ended in the second week theaters, so we can’t compare the second weekend yet, but it won’t be interesting to watch Black widowThe performance after the week or two is as strong as our predecessors with the other epidemic films we have seen.

How the epidemic has affected summer blockbusters so far

Box office changes

Although the first two weeks suffered a lot A quiet place second, F9, And Black widow Looking at all the small opening scenes and the big drops of the second weekend, the encouraging revelation here is how strong the performance after the weekend is for both. A quiet place second And F9. This demonstrates a higher level of resilience with theatrical audiences than expected, and since not alone at home together, some audiences simply moved on in the following weeks, leaving the movies stunned (if the first two weeks were omitted). An interesting detail to look at throughout the box office uninterrupted recovery is whether or not the two legs are stronger after the post. A quiet place And F9 are outliers. Also, if those drops are not disconnected, as the audience continues to return to the auditorium, whether the next two weekend drops will increase with the increase of one and two on the weekend, which means the audience continues on the previous weekend as they become more comfortable. Would large crowds, or post-epidemic box offices, see leg improved legs as light compensation for easy opening?

There is still a lot to learn about the effects of the coronavirus at the Natya Cinema box office. Audiences are clearly coming back, not exactly in the same numbers yet, it’s not clear how they could reach pre-epidemic levels. In the case of one silver lining, at least in the case A quiet place second And F9, This is because the three-week performance seems to have increased, with at least some listeners willing to change their behavior instead of abandoning theaters altogether to maintain their production habit, which is quite effective for continued recovery at the box office.

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