Doctor Strange 2 is awesome, since Sam Raymi has replaced the original director

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Michael Waldron, lead author of Loki and Doctor Strange 2, says the Benedict Cumberbatch-led sequel will become a nightmare because of Sam Raymy’s involvement.

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Doctor Strange2 According to Michael Waldron, it would be horrible if Sam Raimi replaced Scott Derrickson, the original director. It’s been five years since Dr. Strange’s first solo journey in 2016, and Benedict Cumberbatch will officially return to the title role of Magician Supreme in the 2022 sequel. Doctor Strange of Madness of Maltevers. Prolonged pruning between films must be due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic and a few other factors that slow down development.

Scott Derickson, who wrote and directed the first film, was ready to return to the sequel, but left the project early due to creative differences. Surprise then brought Spiders are human Michael Waldron is set to star opposite lead writer, who is now playing the same role in the trilogy director and horror aficionado Sam Raymi board Loki. With the return of the title surgeon-turned-magician, Doctor Strange2 Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlett will be caught with the witch after the incident WandavisionHowever, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Now, it’s time for an appearance Friends from work Podcasts, Loki And Doctor Strange2Its lead author Michael Waldron is inaugurating a sequel-making experience with Sam Raimi. Waldron is the first to admit that The doctor is weird There was no horror movie, but there was a certain “shot” in itPookiness throughout it, ”Which he wanted to create for the sequel, especially since he was working with one such famous horror director in Rimi. By saving them extra time due to epidemic-related delays, Waldron and his co-author Jade Bartlett were able to “naz” a sequel.Slightly scary aspectRead Waldron’s full quote from the podcast below:

So when we got to the top of it, we were … I was so lucky … He did the first one, he and Jade Bartlett, the author of the second one, you know they’ve done something with the second one and it’s just like you dived into this. In that case, Cavid gave me and Sam more time to do it on their own … It’s great, I’m glad there was a chance to push in a somewhat horrible direction. The reason that Sam does so well.

Earlier, Waldron said he and Rimi had to get off to a good start when they received the project from Derrickson. It explains that Doctor Strange2 It will be entirely their own work, although Waldron admits that Derrickson set up Mordo in the first film, such as Cuetel Eziofor, in which they will return to the sequel to create a slightly spooky foundation.

Is this still to be seen? “Terrible side“The sequel will take over, but it will go beyond plurality in terms of the title and the 4-point direction. The film’s fictional inner dimension entity, the famous villain Schumacher-Gorth, certainly seems to match the statement Waldron is making. Doctor Strange2 Kicks off, his slightly spooky angle will surely become more pronounced.

Source: Friends from work

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