Bridgeton’s Simon actor Reggie-Jean Page wasn’t ready for the show’s sex scenes

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Actor Reggie-Jean Page says he was unprepared for sex scenes throughout the Netflix series Bridgegarten and called them ‘irresistible’.

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Actor Rezi-Jean Page was not ready for his feelings after learning about many sex scenes in the Netflix hit series Bridgeton. In the Period series, Pam played Simon and Phoebe Dinever as Daphne, whose potential love story was the focus of the first season.

On its heels BridgetonEarly success, the show was multi-season ordered. The series is based on Julia Quinn’s wildly popular period novels, each of which follows an individual member of the Bridgeton family. The first season focused primarily on Daphne, the eldest daughter of the dynasty, who unexpectedly fell in love with Simon and him when they thought they were in love with each other to prevent a potential lawsuit. With the development of feelings in them, their violence did not last long. At the end of the season, the couple happily showed up and welcomed their first child.

The page spoke recently THR The drama actor was during the round table event and was asked if he was ready for his family BridgetonIts sex scene. He revealed that not only was his family ready, he was not ready himself. Read the full page quote below:

No one was adequately prepared. I wasn’t ready enough, and I was there. I think people were grateful for the intensity of the romantic aspects of Bridgeton; I’m not sure how grateful I am for seeing this for myself. It was irresistible. But I think people were overwhelmed. My family doesn’t want to be overwhelmed behind me, in particular, too often, but they will take the opportunity because everyone seems to be terribly happy.

Bridgegarton Regency Romance in Simon Daphne

Page has decided not to return to the series even though it is known that he has received K 50K per episode if he wants to stay. An official statement posted on the show’s Twitter account confirmed the casting change on Friday, April 2, with the series starring as anonymous narrator Lady Whistledown. It explains that the second season of the series will focus on Lord Anthony Bridgarton’s (Jonathan Bailey) quest to find Viscontes. The page then announced the release and announced that his on-screen wife Daphne would continue to be an integral part of the series.

Page, as Simon, was truly the opponent of one season, the woman he liked and intended to reform his way through their child. If he stays on the show, he will be pushed into the background and Bridgeton Fans won’t pay attention to the next family member whose story will be told in the play The in-page destination may be a one-shot superstar for the Shonda Rhymes series, but he certainly didn’t leave his mark in the entertainment industry.

Source: THR

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