Bloomhouse’s Exorcist 2 will surprise septicians like Halloween 2018

Jason Bloom says that Exorcist Sequel will do for John Carpenter’s original film Halloween 2018 for the classic 1973 Horror Classic.

Said Jason Bloom, president of Bloomhouse Productions King of ghosts The sequel will be reminiscent of the 2018 reboot Halloween. In 1973, it was directed by William Fredkin King of ghosts From a script written for the screen by William Peter Blatty from his novel of the same name. The story is about a young girl named Reagan (Linda Blair) who is turned into a poem by a dark, powerful being. His mother (Ellen Barstein) calls on two priests to help fight for Reagan’s life. The film won two of its ten Oscar nominations, made a sequel, made a TV series, and remains one of the most culturally recognized horror movies of all time.

John Carpenter’s Slaser Classic in 1978 Halloween Was released. After Michael Myers (aka The Shape), he escaped from a mental hospital, where he was kept for killing his sister many years ago. He returned home to kill again. Masked, Silent Assassin directly inspired the franchise of a long movie with a sequel, one of which is none other than Mayer, Rob Zumbage’s reboot and its sequel. After a poor reception for jumbo films, audiences initially had little hope of David Gordon Green. Halloween The movie is a sequel to 2018. The movie ignored everything after the original film and acted as a direct sequel to the 1978 classic. In the end the picture was rather well received.

For an interview time Forever PurgeBloom said Geek of Dan Some information about King of ghosts While acknowledging the dilemma from the sequel audience, he expressed his excitement for diving into another even bigger horror property and surprising the audience. Also, Blum surprised fans by mentioning the belief in Green that one more picture of the series could be done accurately and with respect. See below for Blame’s full statement:

“[It’s] It’s going to be like David’s Halloween sequel I think it will pleasantly surprise all skeptics out there. We had a lot of doubts about Halloween and David turning them around and I think he would turn it around randomly. I love to do [these] There are different types of movies because people are very sensitive about it. I think it’s a high bar and it’s a challenge to make the movie. Remember, most of the listeners who come to this 95% of the audience, if we do our job properly, will come to see this movie – have not seen or even heard the first temptation. I want to make a movie that works for both of us [audiences]. I want to make a movie for people who first know the Exorcist and like them and get mad at what we were doing but somehow dragged themselves to the theater. I want them to come out happy and I want to make a movie that people who haven’t heard of Exorcist really enjoy. I think David did it with Halloween. I think he will do it with the Exorcist. ‘

Compared to Bloom’s Green HalloweenThis raises the question of whether the sequel will reconnect all the pictures except the original 1973. He did indicate that this would be separate from the install installments, although there were no plot details to confirm the green direction. King of ghosts Like will go in. Similarly, no casting details have been announced to determine what kind of character description will be searched here.

The idea that a new wave of moviegoers has never been heard of King of ghosts Seems worrying, especially with how it can be managed contextually in pop culture after this period. Still, Blum and Green want to make a film in this universe that will satisfy long-term fans but will not leave behind an audience that has never seen it. Green Halloween It does a great job of achieving, he seems to be a fit fit for the job.

Source: Geek’s Dan


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