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Mil Mi-17 Helicopter: US is secretly flying Russia’s Mi-17 helicopter, emergency landing exposed


Global rivals America and Russia are still not out of the Cold War mentality. These two countries keep trying to interfere as much as possible in each other’s weapons, military, economy and elections. It is a different matter that this work of both the countries is so secret that it rarely comes in the eyes of common people. Meanwhile, the picture of a helicopter from America has created panic all over the world. This helicopter named Mil Mi-17 is made in Russia. But, its presence in the arch enemy country America has raised the ears of the whole world.

Russian helicopter flying US secret unit
It is being told that the secret unit of the US Army was flying the Mi-17 helicopter. During this, it had to make an emergency landing due to technical trouble while passing through North Carolina. The pilot landed this helicopter in an empty field. After which the local people shared its picture on social media. However, a few hours later a Bell 407 helicopter of the US Army arrived to replace the damaged parts. Engineers rectified the technical snag and both the helicopters again took off on their journey.

Former pilot recognizes Russian helicopter
Dan Moore, the owner of the farm where the helicopter landed, shared the entire incident. He told The Drive that after the emergency landing of a Russian-made Mi-17 helicopter, a dark brown Bell 407 helicopter arrived with replacement parts. Moore is currently a member of the Civil Air Patrol. Moore, who worked as a pilot for several years, said that he also had an encounter with these helicopters in May. He shares this story in more detail in an excerpt from the Air Facts Aviation Journal published this week.

Neighbor had informed Moore about landing the helicopter
Moore said I got a call from my neighbor who said, ‘Hey, did you know there’s a helicopter in your front yard?’ To this I replied “Wait, what? A helicopter? In my yard? I was confused. I thought someone made an emergency landing on my farm.” Living in North Carolina, the airfields around me There is a lot of military activity going on. So I thought I don’t know what happened. What kind of helicopter is this? So I reached there to see the situation.


Mi-17 helicopter made in Russia was landing
He said that the helicopter that made the emergency landing was Mi-17. The upper part of which was painted like a camouflage in brown and beige. In the photos and videos Moore took of the helicopter, there is no clearly visible mark to indicate who the operator is. However, it did have several military features, including a sensor ball turret on the right side of the cockpit. Both sides were fitted with supply armor panels. Its tail boom was covered in antennas, including a platter-type which is usually connected to the High Frequency Satellite Communication (SATCOM) system.

The property owner talked to the helicopter crew
Moore said he gave his phone number to the helicopter’s pilot crew from his neighbor. Soon there was a call from the Chief of Pilot Crew, who explained the situation. He said that the Mi-17 will have to stay at your property till it is repaired. To which Moore said that there is a white truck in the barn. It has keys. Go to the city to get the things you need. The barn has a full machine shop with all the tooling and supplies. The shop is open, go get what equipment you want. I will be there in two hours.

Mil Mi 17 Helicopter US is secretly flying Russias Mi 17 helicopter
Engineers came from another helicopter
After which an army helicopter reached there with a contingent of engineers. He also had several spare parts with him. He quickly removed the technical flaw in the helicopter and on seeing both the helicopters flew in the air one after the other. As soon as he flew from there, a huge cloud of dust covered the whole area.


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