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Mammoth Cave: The world’s longest cave is growing continuously, ‘deeper’ than Delhi to Ayodhya


The longest cave in the world has set a new record. After hours of hard work, the researchers mapped an additional 8 miles (13 kilometers) of cave in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park. According to the National Park Service (NPS), the new length of the Mammoth Cave corridors is now 420 miles (676 km). You can estimate this distance by the distance between New York City and North Carolina to the city of Raleigh.

how long is the cave

Mammoth Cave The worlds longest cave is growing continuously deeper

The length of the cave in India can be roughly estimated from the distance of Ayodhya to New Delhi. Cave Research Foundation (CRF) volunteers and others completed the mapping of the cave. CRF is a Kentucky-based non-profit group supported by the people of the Central Kentucky Karst Coalition. “Many cave trips are long and difficult, involving climbing, water, swamps,” said Karen Willmes, CRF’s Eastern Operations Manager, in a statement released on September 11. (Photo Credit : national-park.org)

The cave was earlier 105 km


Post-trip cartographers simply convert the data gathered after the trip into a map. Volunteers help them in this. He said that this is a high level effort for a world class cave and we are proud to be a part of it. This is not the first time that the world’s largest cave has ‘increased’ in length. The cave entered the record books in 1969 with a total length of 65 miles (105 km). (Photo Credit : national-park.org)


this cave has no end

1631949683 103 Mammoth Cave The worlds longest cave is growing continuously deeper

During a 14-hour survey in September 1972, CRF explorers discovered a connection between the Mammoth Cave system and the Flint Ridge system. After this the length of Mammoth Cave was reduced to some 144 miles (232 km). After this, the explorers contributed to the length of the Mammoth Cave system several times. It grew in length after Procter Cave, Ropel Cave and Morrison Cave were found to have connections to it. “There really is no end when it comes to discoveries at Mammoth Cave,” Mammoth Cave National Park officials posted on the park’s Facebook page. (Photo Credit : national-park.org)

How are caves made?

1631949684 126 Mammoth Cave The worlds longest cave is growing continuously deeper

The Mammoth Cave System is a vast maze that has been created through ‘limestone erosion’. This phenomenon is scientifically known as Karst Topography. According to a US blog post, Karst Topography occurs when water from rain and rivers seeps underground through holes and holes on the surface of the ground and then travels far underground. It slowly dissolves and turns the soft underground base into cave-like geological formations. (Photo Credit : national-park.org)


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