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Kabul: America’s mistake in identifying ‘terrorist’? Innocent killed in drone attack


An innocent man was killed in a US airstrike in Kabul against an alleged Islamic State bomber. who was working for American aid groups and his family. A New York Times report has claimed this after reviewing video footage in Kabul and talking to more than a dozen friends and family members of the driver. This report emphasizes that the Pentagon lied to the public about the air strikes.

10 people killed in the attack
Romal Ahmadi told the New York Times that an airstrike on August 29, a day before the last US evacuation flights from Kabul, killed his brother Jemari Ahmadi and nine family members, including seven children. Ahmadi, who was the target of US airstrikes, worked as a technical engineer for 14 years with the Nutrition and Education International charity group in Afghanistan, which feeds hungry Afghans.

innocent was carrying water
According to the New York Times report, US officials said that an ISIS terrorist carrying a bomb in a car towards American soldiers has been killed in connection with the drone attack. It is now being claimed that the man had no links with ISIS and was carrying water for his family. The US had previously acknowledged that there were three civilian casualties in the strike. While the report claims that 10 people have died in it.


car full of explosives
Sources told Fox News that the US Central Command believed the strike was based on accurate intelligence, according to which the car driver had “bad” intentions. An investigation is underway to find out how many civilians have died. Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark A Milley said a secondary explosion confirmed Ahmadi’s car was loaded with explosives.

us air strike

US drone strike (symbolic photo)

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