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Judge ends ‘conservatorship’ of singer Britney Spears’ father

Los Angeles, Sep 30 (AP) Superior Court Judge Brenda Penney on Wednesday terminated American singer Britney Spears’ father’s “conservatorship” through which he had been controlling the singer’s life and wealth since 2008. .

Under US law, ‘conservatorship’ refers to the appointment of a guardian or a protector to manage the financial affairs or daily life of a person due to old age or physical or mental limitations.

Judge Brenda Penney agreed with Spears and her lawyer Matthew Rosnagart’s plea to end the “conservatorship” of the singer’s father, James Spears. The verdict is a major victory for the singer, who, during hearings in June and July, requested that her father need to be out of her life.

After hearing arguments from both sides, Penny said, “The current situation is untenable. This shows that the situation is bad, given the need to end James Spears’s ‘conservatorship’.


James Spears called for this ‘conservatorship’ in 2008 and has been controlling the singer’s life and wealth ever since. However, recently he changed his stand and requested the judge to end the ‘conservatorship’.

Spears requested the court to end her “conservatorship” for the first time in 13 years during a hearing in Los Angeles in June. Spears called the arrangement “disgraceful” and condemned her father and others for it.

He had said, “The Conservatorship is doing more harm than good to me. I deserve to have a life.”

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