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Joe Biden Viral Video: Joe! His name is Scott Morrison… when Biden forgot the Australian PM’s name in front of the camera?


The US has announced to strengthen defense ties with Australia and Britain in view of the increasing threat from China. These three countries will share advanced defense technology among themselves. Australia seems to have the biggest advantage in this. During the announcement of the defense deal named Aukus between the US, Britain and Australia, President Joe Biden forgot the name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Now the video of this incident is becoming very viral in social media.

Biden forgot Australian PM’s name
Biden said during this time that thank you, Boris and I thank the fellows Down Under. Thanks a lot, friend. Appreciate it, Mr. Prime Minister,” during this time he forgot the name of Scott Morrison. Earlier also the video of Joe Biden talking blindly during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett went viral. However, then this claim It was said that Biden is not sleeping, but is listening to PM Bennett with his eyes closed.

The heads of the three countries issued a statement
Along with Britain and America, Australia is also troubled by the increasing power of China in the Indo-Pacific region. On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison issued a joint statement announcing the new partnership. This statement also said that Australia is committed to remaining a non-nuclear nuclear state. Under this agreement, Australia will be helped to increase cyber capability, artificial intelligence and underwater capability.

China’s tension in the Indian Ocean will increase
The UK government says this is an important defense agreement and will increase the role of both the US and the UK in the Indo-Pacific region. In the BBC report, Johnathan Beale has said that this agreement will affect two more countries. Australia’s submarine deal with France is over and the other is China. The UK government has been talking about prosperity, security and stability in the region and is supporting the enforcement of the rules. Obviously this threat is being understood from China, which has increased its presence in the Indo-Pacific region.


China told Australia – America’s pet ‘dog’
In view of the increasing threat of the Chinese Navy, the official media of Dragon has been furious with Australia’s announcement of building a super destructive nuclear submarine. In its editorial article, the Global Times, the mouthpiece of China’s Communist Party, has described Australia as America’s pet ‘dog’. The Global Times said that we would advise Australia that even if it acquires nuclear submarines or killer missiles, it does not have the power to threaten China.

Australia to get US nuclear submarine technology as China looms large.

Joe Biden with Australian and British PMs

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