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Joe Biden on Indian Media: American journalists got chilli due to Indian media, White House came clean on Biden’s statement

Joe Biden praised the Indian media during his meeting with PM Modi at the White House. He had said that the behavior of the Indian media is much better than that of the American media. Many American journalists have expressed anger over his statement.

US President Joe Biden seems to be finding it difficult to praise the Indian media. When the American media started criticizing, the White House had to come forward to explain. Joe Biden, during his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said that the Indian media behaves much better than the American media.

Jen Psaki said – American journalists are not to the point
White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki came forward to calm the sharp attitude of the American media regarding this matter. He defended President Biden’s statement, saying that I think what he (Biden) said is that American journalists are not always to the point. Now, I know this isn’t something anyone wants to hear here. But, I think you know the message he was giving.

PM Modi attended the quad meeting said we willModi Biden Meeting: Do Joe Biden’s relatives live in India? US President told this thing
Tried to explain the ‘meaning’ of Biden’s statement
Saki also said that I think you know the message he was giving. Today, he probably wants to talk about Kovid vaccines, some of the questions were about this. The questions on which he probably wanted to see questions did not come from the American media.

Modi Biden Meeting Do Joe Bidens relatives live in IndiaPM Modi Joe Biden Meeting: Biden said – committed to strengthen ties with India, know what else happened with Modi
The issue raised during the White House briefing
During the White House briefing, an American reporter questioned the comparison of Indian and American media. She said that the Indian media is ranked 142 in the world for freedom of the press in the Reporters Without Borders report. So how can Joe Biden say the same about the American media in comparison to the Indian media?

1632505082 184 PM Modi Joe Biden Meeting Biden said committed toThere was a lot of laughter in the White House, great bonding between PM Modi and President Biden
What did Biden say about the Indian media?
Joe Biden said that I think he is going to bring these things through the press. The Indian press is treated much better than the American press… and I think, with your permission, we should not answer questions because they will not ask any questions on the issue.


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