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Jalmay Khalilzad: Who drowned America’s loot in Afghanistan, reminded of Vietnam defeat



  • US forces almost back in Afghanistan and Taliban rule back
  • Violence has intensified in the country as soon as Taliban rule comes and many opponents are being killed.
  • US envoy Jalmay Khalilzad is in controversy amid this dreadful situation in Afghanistan

The US military has almost returned to Afghanistan and after nearly 20 years, the Taliban rule is back once again. Violence has intensified in the country with the advent of the Taliban. Many opponents are being murdered. Amidst this dreadful situation in Afghanistan, American envoy Jalmay Khalilzad is in the most controversies. Zalme had claimed that he could bring peace to Afghanistan and was the most qualified candidate for this challenging task, but the opposite happened and Afghanistan is burning in the fire of violence.

The 70-year-old Afghan-American diplomat served as a facilitator between the Taliban and Washington for many years. The result of this conversation was that America’s longest war ended and the US army is now withdrawing from Afghanistan. There have been intense talks between Zalme and the Taliban over the past year. During this he went on a tour of many countries. He assured the people that the Taliban are ready to negotiate for a deal.


Jalmay maintains silence on return of Taliban rule
Jalma, who is often active on social media, has maintained a silence ever since the Taliban rule came back. The US State Department said last week that the waters still remain in Qatar. At the same time, they are talking continuously on the phone so that the whole matter can be resolved diplomatically. But the agreement through which he had dreamed of peace has now brought disaster in the country.

Hussein Haqqani, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, says that Zalme had told one after another that US presidents had expressed their desire for a peace deal to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan, but in reality it was a surrender. Haqqani said, “Zalmay negotiated with the Taliban in a very bad way and tried to show that the talks would lead to a power-sharing agreement.” That too when the Taliban had no such intention. Now the entire Afghan people have to suffer because of Khalizad’s mistake.

America has to leave in a shameful way
In fact, the Taliban carried out horrific suicide attacks on the capital Kabul several times. This forced America to be forced to negotiate. After this, Jalme freed Mulla Baradar from jail in Pakistan so that talks could start between the two sides. After months of talks, Zalme claimed that he had developed good relations with the Taliban. But when the two sides reached an agreement and American forces began to withdraw, the Taliban and Zalme deal proved fruitless, and the US in Afghanistan is facing a shameful departure, which is being compared to the Vietnam defeat.


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