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International community must pay special attention to illegal proliferation of nuclear weapons networks: India

United Nations, Sep 27 (PTI) India on Monday underlined that the international community needs to address the illegal proliferation of nuclear weapons, their supply systems, parts and networks of related technologies.

Addressing the UN Security Council briefing on the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty chaired by Ireland, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla said India has actively supported and contributed to the strengthening of the global nuclear security framework.

“India remains committed to the goal of building a nuclear-weapon free world and the total elimination of nuclear weapons, which is consistent with the highest priority accorded to nuclear disarmament by the first document of the first special session of the United Nations General Assembly on Disarmament,” he said. ”


Shringla said India recognizes that this goal can be achieved through a phased process outlined in a global commitment and an agreed global and non-discriminatory multilateral framework. It is mentioned in India’s Working Document on Nuclear Disarmament submitted to the United Nations General Assembly in 2006.

India participated in the process of the Nuclear Security Summit and has been a regular participant in the International Convention on National Security organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). India is also a member of the National Security Liaison Group.

“There is a need for the international community to pay close attention to the illegal proliferation of networks of nuclear weapons, their supply systems, parts and related technologies,” he said.

Shringla said that without prejudice to the priority India accords to nuclear disarmament, the country has expressed its readiness to initiate talks on the ‘Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty’ (FMCT) at the Conference on Disarmament. In this context, India has also participated in the working of Government Experts’ Group on FMCT and High Level Expert Preparatory Group on FMCT, he said.


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