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India-US bilateral ties have improved significantly: US diplomat

(Lalit K Jha)

Washington, Sep 30 (PTI) Relations between the US and India have improved significantly, a top US diplomat said. He also praised the contribution of the Indian-American community in strengthening bilateral ties.

US Foreign Service officer Atul Keshap (50) made the remarks on Wednesday at an event organized by the Indian expatriate community. He recently returned from New Delhi where he was the US Interim Diplomatic Representative.

“During my 70-day service in Delhi, I saw a remarkable improvement in the bilateral relationship between the US and India,” he said, recalling that when he first worked in India from 2005 to 2008, he The Indians were trying to reassure the people of the importance of the strategic partnership between the US and India.


Keshap said in his address, “I was born in 1971 when things were not right between America and India. Friends, I can tell you today that relations between America and India have never been as good as they are today.

“Everyone here worked to make this relationship stronger. Everyone here contributed their ideas, their talents, their energies. The trust and self-confidence, respect and even love between the two countries are truly at their highest right now.

He said that he met as many Indians as he could during his short stay in New Delhi. He said the best thing the embassy did this time was to issue 60,000 student visas to Indian students to come to the US.

Keshap said that when he moved to Virginia after his father’s retirement from the United Nations, to the best of his knowledge there was only one other Indian family. Now there will be hundreds of Indian families in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“When I joined the State Department in 1994, I think there must have been only two other Indian-American officers in the Foreign Service. Now I can say that there are hundreds of Indian-American Foreign Service officers. Friends, I do not need to tell you how successful the Indian community has been in America.


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