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How expensive did the Mughal emperor wear glasses? Diamond lenses instead of glass, know the price


Next month, two pairs of 17th-century antique glasses can be auctioned for $ 3.5 million, or about Rs 25 crore. Information about this has been given in many media reports. These glasses are studded with special gems and instead of glass, it has lenses made of diamonds and emeralds. But it is not selling so expensive only because of diamonds or very precious gems, but there are many reasons for this.

example of jewelery craftsmanship
According to Sotheby’s, the glasses are believed to be originally from the royals of the Mughal Empire. This was specially designed by the wearer to help ‘shun evil’ and ‘reach the rise of wisdom’. Edward Gibbs, president of Sotheby’s Middle East and India, told CNN that the glasses are a rare example of Mughal jewelery craftsmanship.

200 carat diamond lens
“As far as we know, there is no one like him,” Gibbs said in a phone interview. The lens in a spectacle known as the ‘Halo of Light’ is made from a 200-carat diamond in Golconda. At the same time, the pair of lenses of the other glasses are green and it is called ‘Gate of Paradise’. It is believed to have been cut from Colombian emeralds.


Diamonds were presented in the Mughal court
Regarding the gems on the glasses, Gibbs said that any gem of this size, magnitude and price was brought directly to the Mughal court. The 15.81-carat gem has become the most expensive purple-pink diamond ever sold at auction after it sold for a record $29.3 million (Rs 213 crore) in Hong Kong earlier this year.


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