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Havana Syndrome: US spy victim of mysterious attack in India, direct warning to CIA chief


Cia Director Bill Burns India Trip Havana Syndrome: During the recent visit of CIA Chief Bill Burns to India, a member of his team was mysteriously attacked. This attack is known as Havana syndrome. The intensity of this attack can be gauged from the fact that the ailing officer had to undergo treatment.


  • US intelligence agency CIA director Bill Burns visited India this month
  • During this time, a member of the CIA chief’s team had persistent symptoms of Havana syndrome.
  • After this incident, the concern of the US government increased, the CIA director was furious.

US intelligence agency CIA director Bill Burns visited India this month. During this time, symptoms of Havana syndrome were observed continuously in a member of his team. Not only this, after his condition worsened, he was also treated. After this incident, where the concern of the US government increased, the CIA director became furious with anger. Many CIA officials believe the incident sent a direct message to Burns that no one is safe.

According to the CNN report, through this attack, Burns was given a direct message that no one is safe, even if he is an officer of the US intelligence agency. This is the second time in a month that the international travel of Biden administration officials has not been affected by the mysterious disease. Just last month, the visit of US Vice President Kamala Harris to Vietnam was postponed for some time because several US officials had succumbed to Havana syndrome before the trip.

Dramatic effect of mysterious attack on CIA team in India
It is being told that at least two officers had to be admitted to the hospital. Led by Burns and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, this mysterious attack of Havana syndrome has been extensively investigated. It is being told that this investigation will be completed by the end of this year. However, this report is not likely to be made public yet. Meanwhile, a CIA spokesperson declined to comment on the incidents and the officials.

The CIA said that when someone has such a problem, he is treated. We will continue to work for the safety of our officers. A mysterious attack on a CIA director’s team in India could have a dramatic effect. The visit of the CIA director was already very secret and tight security arrangements were made for his security. Even after this, the mysterious attack on his team member raises many questions. It also shows that the perpetrators of this attack were familiar with the visit of the CIA director. The CIA officer who was a victim of Havana syndrome was treated immediately upon his return to the US.


Havana Syndrome US spy victim of mysterious attack in India
What is Havana Syndrome, why are Americans worried?
In 2016, US Embassy officials in Cuba complained of vomiting, bloody nose and restlessness. After this case it came to be called Havana syndrome. It is said that the sonic weapon was used covertly against the US officials. US officials have also reported similar incidents in China and Russia. He said that he had to face such a problem in some rooms of the embassy building. A source said that when the CIA investigated these attacks on the basis of mobile phone location data, they had learned about the presence of some Russian agents in the same city who worked on the Microweb Weapon Program. Apart from this, no concrete evidence was found.

According to NBC News, in the year 2018, US intelligence officials believed that Russia was the main suspect behind deliberate attacks on American diplomats abroad and officials of the intelligence agency CIA. However, nothing conclusive has come out in this direction in the latest report. During the investigation, American scientists examined more than 40 American diplomats. Many of these people reported that they heard very loud noises and started feeling pressure in the head, after which they started to feel dizzy and had trouble seeing. Many diplomats have had to deal with many problems for a long time.



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