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Haiti refugees gather on Texas border, America plans to send back

Del Rio (USA), Sep 19 (AP) Refugees fleeing poverty, hunger and hopelessness in Haiti say they will not be intimidated by US plans to expedite them.

Thousands of people remained stuck in the city of Del Rio on the Texas border on Saturday after crossing the Mexican border. They went to Mexico again on Saturday afternoon to buy water, food and diapers and came back.

“We are looking for a better life,” said Junior Jean, 32, from Haiti.

The Department of Homeland Security said on Saturday it had moved some 2,000 refugees from the camp to other locations on Friday to repatriate them from the US. It also said in a statement that 400 agents and officers would be present in the area by Monday morning and more agents would be sent if needed.


The announcement was made after the sudden arrival of Haitian citizens in Del Rio.

A US official said on Friday that the US would send refugees out of the country on five to eight flights a day. These flights will start from Sunday while another official said that everyone will be tested for Kovid-19. An official said the number of flights would depend on how many people Haiti wanted to bring back.


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