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Fearing Taliban threats, Joe Biden will withdraw from Kabul by August 31, US forces



  • Afraid of Taliban threat, America accelerates the process of withdrawing the army by 31 August
  • Not only this, American soldiers will also have to make a plan to evacuate them by August 31.
  • America’s allies are pleading but Biden bows to Taliban threat

Fearing the threat of the Taliban, the US has accelerated the process of withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan by 31 August. Not only this, the American soldiers who were sent to evacuate the Afghan people will also have to make a plan to evacuate America by 31 August. America’s allies are pleading that the deadline for the evacuation of civilians should be extended, but due to the fear of the Taliban, the US President is sticking to the deadline of August 31.

In fact, the director of the US intelligence agency CIA had met Taliban leader Mullah Baradar but no agreement could be reached on extending the deadline to August 31. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen has threatened that the US withdraws its forces by August 31 or it will have dire consequences. Meanwhile, America’s allies have warned against withdrawing the army.

Taliban begins stopping Afghans at check points
Meanwhile, the Taliban have warned that they will not allow more Afghans to leave the country, and media reports say the Taliban have started stopping Afghans at check points. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has said that the operation to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by August 31 is progressing “rapidly”, but its completion will depend on the cooperation of the Taliban.


The US currently has about 5,800 troops at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport. Biden told reporters at the White House on Tuesday, “We are currently moving rapidly towards completing the evacuation operation by August 31.” The sooner we get it done, the better. The risk to our soldiers is increasing every day in the campaign. But its completion by August 31 depends on continued Taliban cooperation, allowing people to access the airport and not obstructing our operations.

‘America sticks to its own set deadline’
The US had announced the withdrawal of all its troops by August 31, and the Taliban had occupied Afghanistan on August 15, two weeks before that. The Taliban have also warned the US to complete its evacuation operation by August 31. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told a news conference in Kabul on Tuesday that the US would stick to its own set of deadlines.

“After this we will not allow the people of Afghanistan to board the evacuation flights,” he said. Biden said that he has spoken to the Pentagon and the Interior Ministry in this regard. “I am committed to ensuring that we fulfill our mission… I am also alert to the growing threat…,” he said. There are big challenges that need to be addressed. The longer we stay, the more attacks ISIS-K, an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group, will carry out in Afghanistan, which is also an enemy of the Taliban. Biden said however that the Taliban was cooperating so that “we can get our people out”. But it is a difficult situation.’


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