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Fear of ‘slander’ haunting Taliban, will stop propaganda with the help of Afghan imams



  • Afghan Imam to deal with negative reports against Taliban
  • Will ask to follow the orders of the ruler in the Friday prayers
  • Afraid of slander, the group issued a decree, told the people – do not run away

The Taliban urged Afghan imams to focus on the importance of obeying the rulers in their sermons during Friday prayers. Reuters reported this, citing the statement of the Islamic fundamentalist group. The news comes after suicide bombings outside Kabul airport on Thursday that killed at least 95 people.

work for the progress of the country
Last week, the Taliban asked Afghan imams during the first Friday prayers to counter negative reports about the terror group. The Taliban is appealing to the people not to leave the country. The group said that the Imams should encourage our countrymen to work for the progress of the country and not try to leave the country. Imams should respond to the ‘negative propaganda of the enemy’.

95 people died so far
So far 95 people and 13 American soldiers have been killed and more than 150 people have been injured in a suicide attack on Kabul airport on Thursday. The Taliban say that 28 of its people have also been killed in this attack. Western countries had raised fears of an attack amid a massive evacuation operation from Kabul airport. Earlier in the day, several countries urged people to stay away from the airport as there were fears of a suicide attack.


America ready to retaliate
US President Joe Biden is deeply angered by the attacks on Kabul airport. Following the attacks on Thursday, Biden revealed that he had ordered military commanders to draw up an operational plan to strike ISIS-K assets, leadership and targets. However, he did not give the timing and said that we will respond on our own time with full force and accuracy, which we will choose in our own way.


Taliban (symbolic photo)

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