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Experts were exposing Pakistani conspiracy in Afghanistan, when BBC anchor stopped in between, questions arose


Pakistan has been accused of the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. It has been claimed in many reports that Pakistan had even brought down its soldiers and intelligence agency officials to fight on the ground with the Taliban. During the discussion on the BBC on the role of Pakistan, the anchor did such a thing that many questions were raised. Even the guest speaker even said that she is supporting the propaganda of Pakistan.

‘Pakistan does not want stable government’
BBC anchor Philippa Thomas was talking to Christina Fair, a South Asian affairs expert. During this discussion was going on on Pakistan’s stand regarding a stable government in Afghanistan. Christina alleged that Pakistan has never wanted a stable government in Afghanistan which has good relations with India. On this, the anchor questioned that if there is instability in Afghanistan, then Pakistan will also have to face the refugee crisis when it is adjacent to the border, then why would it do so?

‘Pakistan always does this’
Christina said that Pakistan wants as much instability as it can handle itself. He also knows how to take advantage of the refugee crisis himself before the world. He said that Pakistan was never afraid to take the risk that by doing so, it could create trouble for itself. Christina has said that whether it is supporting the Taliban in the 1990s or giving shelter to the terrorists who attacked India, Pakistan has never hesitated to take the risk.

The anchor interrupted
On this, Anchor Philippa interrupts Christina saying that no Pakistani diplomat or official is present on the show to answer the allegation and she herself says that Pakistan denies this allegation. Philippa said that Christina was given a chance to speak but the discussion would have to end there. On this, Christina said that by doing this she is helping the propaganda of Pakistan.

Prejudice or Propaganda?
This clip is being shared on social media and people are questioning how right it was to do so? Some people said that in the name of giving equal opportunity to both the sides to express their views, the anchor showed a bit too obstinate attitude. At the same time, some called him the spokesperson of Pakistan. People on Twitter have said that Christina was speaking outspoken which would have gone on any other platform but the BBC did not think it right to promote it.


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